You can read the first blog post here to get to known with us (we are AIESEC volunteers working for InteGREAT and Hercules)

This Thursday we had a Floorball match at Heikinharju reception center. Lähirähinä organises twice per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00–19:30) sports event there and we are working in it.

Check out Junior’s video from Thursday’s event. It’s about Lähirähinä and especially this InteGREAT project.

Floorball was something new and exciting for all of us since it differs from what we usually play in our hometown.

Rules were pretty simple which made it very easy and quick to get everybody involved and engaged into the game. We had four teams of 4-5 people (adults and children) who fully engaged and took active part in the game, moreover after the end on the main game there were many kids still willing to continue to play, despite hot weather and already 90 minutes of gaming!

Junior Obagbemiro has worked a long time with Good4Hood projects

It was a very good indicator which showed that children enjoyed the game and had a great time playing with their friends from all over the world. So did we!

Also we do really hope that by these small but significant sports sessions and activities, we can make an impact on the children’s mindsets and lives by inuring them to sport and happy and healthy lifestyle.

Next event on Tuesday from 18:00 to 19:30. Take part in a funny ultimate match and prove your skills there!