The adventure starts on 23rd of July 2017 as four Indian top division players from Chennai City FC take part in a trial arranged by their partnership club JS Hercules. Four week long trial period will be closely monitored in Oulu through both clubs media channels, especially in India where The Hindu Group, India’s second largest english speaking media department, is responsible for the distribution. Hercules media team will produce lots of short videos of the visit and also 5 episode online-series, which will be shown particularly for millions of viewers in India.

”This is the first concreate step in our cooperation”, says Mikko Perälä who visited Chennai City FC together with other club delegates Marko Saranlinna and Panu Halonen earlier this year. ”We are eager to see how Chennai City FC players can adapt to the European physique style of football. We are sure the four chosen players will take the best out of this experience and to further build their career sas footballers. We have planned an eventfull 4 weeks for them including comprehensive sport tests, introduction to different sport and wellbeing technologies, 8-10 trainings in a week and lots of other activities experiencing beautifull Oulu in summer time”, continues Perälä.  

A windown to Indian market

Chennai is a well know business city in India where already several Finnish companies are having their Indian headquarters.  Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu region with approximately 70 millions inhabitants. ”Hopefully Finnish companies will seize the moment”, Perälä says and continues. ”What we really want to do to open new oppurtunities in the Indian market even for smaller and start up companies. Getting your product, service or expertise shown and starting cooperation with our JS Hercules / Chennai City FC co-owned company in Chennai might take your business to new heights.” JS Hercules is offering video production packages for companies starting from 500 € (alv 0%). Contact Ilkka Immonen (, puh. 050 3286124) for more details, if  you got interested.

To be continued…

We will later provide more infromation on Chennai City FC players as their arrival gets closer. First video clips of their visit will be released during week 30. Cheinnai City FC visit is the first step towards a long term media cooperation between the clubs. In fall 2017 we are coordinating to have our own players from JS Hercules to visit Chennai City FC club. Maybe, if the players show true determination, skill and potential, transfers between the clubs might happen at some point. Is it already this year or later…..  remains to be seen!

Stay tuned!