Yes, the journey has begun. Today marks an important day for Hercules and the establishment of Northern Finland eSports. We are thrilled to announce our first ever roster in Overwatch.

The team:

Juuso “Chupeblo” Kukkonen  Finnish – Captain, DPS

Jaakko “JPops” Hautasaari  Finnish – DPS

Ola “Flakez” Dahlstedt  Swedish – Shot-caller, Support

Marcus Rauff “MRC” Christoffersen  Danish – Support

Joacim “Grillet” Rappu  Swedish – Flex

Sauli “Ameces” Partanen  Finnish – Tank

Sami “Höpö” Lehto  Finnish – Coach

Oulu and Northern Finland has been a forgotten land for the most exciting industry in the past few years – eSports. Together with the Overwatch roster, Hercules eSport would like to play the role of the ancient hero to make a wake up call for this snowy land.

Yes, the world always needs heroes :).

Below are statements from the captain and the team manager:

“Our team is really excited about this opportunity, as majority of us have been playing together for quite some time and with the latest additions Ameces and coach Höpö, to complete the lineup, we feel that we are ready to take the next step in our journey. When the opportunity arose, we immediately felt a good connection with Hercules and felt confident with their support and enthusiasm to share our success – we are really happy and proud to be representing and carrying the banner of Hercules eSports moving forward!” – Chupeblo, Captain

“eSport is a tough ride and it’s all about passion. After the first approach, I already had my belief in the current roster and it quickly builds up when seeing their motivation and commitment to the game. Big things are waiting and I have no doubt that we can achieve success in the upcoming future.” CookingMeth – Tri Do Cao, Hercules eSports Manager

Together with the announcement, we also want to make an open call for partners, investors, sponsors and enthusiast to join us and share these exciting opportunities by contacting through