On last Monday evening, in extreamely wet circumtances I Love Sport Team played their first ever match as a Hercules junior team against JS Hercules reserve team; Herkku-Papat. The game itselft was a great display presenting the pure joy for the sport.

JS Hercules junior team had their new shining white jerseys honouring the friendly match. And they made us all proud with their performances.

”We really didn’t have much time to organize the team for a game played on the full size pitch. So taking that fact into account, I think the team did really well”, said I Love Sport coordinator Jani Paananen, who also showed some amazing saves himself during the match as the I Love Sport Team goalkeeper.

”I Love Sport Team is a punch of really good kids and based on the enthusiasm I’ve seen, I’m sure they will continue their efforts in trainings during the winter time as well”, said Herkku-Papat goalie Timo ”Tinke Sr.” Perälä.