JS Hercules reserve team Herkku-Papat took their first victory of the season after two even games. Hosts FC Suola got robbed by Papat with 1-3 (0-2). Papat took control of the game right from the start. During the first 10 minutes FC Suola hardly made it out from their own half. But ackwardly enough, it was the home side who was closer opening the dead lock. FC Suola had a short spell of possession and their second corner of the game almost paid off.

Luckily for the visitors, a shot from close range was denied by the post. Then Papat took over of the game again. This time the ball possession paid of as Tuomo Pelkonen scored 2 goals in a short period of time. First Pelkonen got released by a nice long through pass from the defence and he finished off calmly. The second goal was served by Arto Oikarinen and Timo Perälä as Perälä hurled a throw to Oikarinen, who dribbled a Suola defender with ease inside the box and passed to Pelkonen. He had an easy job to put it away. Second period proved to be harder for Papat as FC Suola pressed more actively. This opened also more opportunities for Papat to attack and score, but finishing wasn't clinical enough. FC Suola made the game exciting scoring a goal with some 10 minutes to go from one of their rare dangerous attacks. But then Arto Oikarinen killed the game for Herkku-Papat after a nice play by Antti Railo, who had a few real scoring changes earlier himself. As the final whistle blew in Oulunsalo, Herkku-Papat celebrated their first victory of the season, which they rightly deserved.


Viitonen, 16.5.2012: FC Suola – Herkku-Papat 1-3 (0-2)

0-1 Tuomo Pelkonen (herra X)

0-2 Tuomo Pelkonen (Arto Oikarinen)

1-3 Arto Oikarinen (Antti Railo)


Line-up: Jammo, MasaV, MasaE, TinkeSr, Ebe, Toni, Tuomo, Juha, Aki, Kaj, Tiki, PeteA, TimoT, Railo, Asse, Miska, Vesse.