Weather was nice, and that is about the only positive thing one could find from JS Hercules Regions' Cup 2. round match day.  Visiting from Lapland, Sodankylän Pallo, didn't have many chances during the match, but they did all they could and eventually won 1-2 on goal scored on the 2nd half over time.

In the first minutes of the game a bad pass by Hercules defence was intercepted by SoPa's fast forward Juho Tepsa. Tepsa got hold of the ball and was one-on-one with Hercules keeper Kolivuori. Accurate strike and SoPa went to 0-1 lead on the 4th minute of the game. From there on the first half it was pretty clear who had the control of game. JS Hercules kept the ball like never before while SoPa held their line-up down and defended with good positioning and kept closing in when ever possible. Hercules attack could not find the keys to unlock SoPa's defence, so half-time score still 0-1.

Second half begun like the first ended with Hercules controlling the game play. Efforts were finally paid off at 63th minute when after a few quick passes Hercules striker Matti Verronen got the ball inside the box. Verronen only need a one chance to score and once again he did with a skill; right time and right place as usual. Full time was closing in and Hercules kept pouring the attacks in. It was only a matter of time when the hometeam would score the second goal and win the match to go in the 3rd round of the Regions' Cup 2012.

SoPa did best they could, fast paced counter-attacks when ever they got ball. They had a few chances on the first half and about two on second. And the second proved to be deadly one too. Game was already on the 5 minutes over-time given by the referee Tero Syrjä when after a Hercules corner-kick SoPa had a chance. Forward Tepsa got a hold of a long ball near the  left-side edge of the Hercules box. A couple of sidesteps in with the ball and powerful shot from the edge of the box over the keeper Seppänen and Hercules was beaten. The much anticipated goal was scored to the wrong end and two last chances by Hercules were wasted.

Regions' Cup 2012, 2nd round: JS Hercules – Sodankylän Pallo 1-2 (0-1)

4min 0-1 Juho Tepsa

63min 1-1 Matti Verronen

90+4 1-2 Juho Tepsa

SoPa line-up: Nilimaa, Ryppö, Karppinen, Tepsa, Uusitalo (90min Hiltunen), Vattulainen, Lindholm, Suopanki, Apukka, Pettersson (77min Pulsu), Rantanen (65min Veikanmaa).