A fine spring afternoon at Heinäpää sport center saw a bag full of goals as JS Hercules and Ajax Sarkkiranta played a practice match. The final score 6-2 (3-1) for JS Hercules didn't do justice for the visiting team. But it's goals that count and Herkku hammered more of 'em.

After the first half it could have also been Ajax to lead the match. The visitors started with a good pressure from up front which effectively prevented Herkku to open their game with short passes. From time to time Hercules was in problems with Ajax pressure. So it turned out that the long passes behind the Ajax defensive line worked better. Tommi Päkkilä ran after one of those ones and passed it across to left fullback Ville "Wilson" Tuovinen who made no mistake with his leftie. Jarkko Kortelainen made it soon 2-0 with a fabolous stike outside of the box. Ajax got back in the game making it 2-1. Tommi Päkkilä's solo made it 3-1 before the half time.

Second half the game turned upside down. Ajax lost the momentum and Hercules finally took control of the game with Antti Karjaluoto and Ville Vesanen conducting the game in the middle. And then came the goals. Firts Ajax got its' second of the game. The Herkku's Matti Verronen scored two and Ville Vesanen one before the final whistle.  The French connection, Boris, was released 25 minutes before the end and showed his power and skills supreme to the others.  

All in all, it wasn't pretty. But hey, who expected it at this time of the season. There's a lot to be improved, but luckily there's enough time for it. The next Hercules pratice game will be in two weeks as Haupa 2 comes to Heinäpää on the 31th of March.