The reserve team of JS Hercules, the notorious Herkku-Papat, starts officially its' training season Tuesday the 13th of March in Heinäpää football hall .

New and old players are needed. During March 2012 there will be two trainings sessions in a week. Besides Tuedays the hunt for the lost six pack continues at running trainings taking place on Thursdays in Raksila Ice Hall at 18:00. Herkku-Papat will participate in the 5th division this summer. The final match program will be announced next week. There will be 14 games for Papat this season. Most of the games will take place on Mondays and Fridays. So, Monday night football it is! 

If ur looking for a nice group having fun with football, come along! Besides having fun, Herkku-Papat team wants to train well and get in good shape in the process. Contact Vesa Rautio ät for more details or just show up!