JS Hercules women played the last tournament of the futsal season on Saturday 11th February in Tornio. A 4-0 (3-0) loss to HauPa and a 3-0 (0-0) victory of ToJK BA gained the 3rd position of the series.

First match against HauPa lacked the presence of mind and ended accordingly. All in all there were too many hasty passes and easy mistakes and too little movement. The Hercules goalie Outsa couldn't but surrender those times which resulted of bad defense by the team. With more careful playing the goals would've been possible to prevent.

The second match prooved once again that this team often needs one game to warm up and find their self-confidence to be able to play as a team and pass the ball. Even though Hercules found their prevailing skills to control the game, the first half was pretty even and didn't see any goals. On the second half ToJK didn't get many chances to even try scoring whereas Hercules succeeded 3 times. Two of the goals were finalised by Maisa and one by Anu junior (her first ever!!!) – from the great pass by Maisa. Beautiful! The season was all but perfect but the last game left a good taste of it.