As every organization knows very well, arranging a sport event requires a lot of work. As FOOTCOOP 2012 seminar and tournament are approaching, Hercules players are preparing themselves on and off the pitch.

On the pitch JS Hercules will arrange a one week training camp for old and potential new Hercules players. The preliminary timetable for the training camp is as follows:

–    Monday 13.2. Practices at Ouluhalli 20:45-22:00
–    Tuesday 14.2. practices at Heinäpää Football Hall 21:30 – 23:00
–    Wednesday 15.2. Tactics meeting at Pohjankartno school starting 20:45
–    Friday 17.2. Practices at HFH 21:30-23:00
–    Saturday 18.2. Practices at HFH 10:00-11:00
–    Saturday 18.2. Match 1
–    Sunday 19.2. Practices at HFH 10:00-11:00
–    Sunday 19.2. Match 2

Off the pitch, this week-end and the following twelve Hercules players are participating on a course aiming to be licensed security persons in events. Some of Hercules players are using new learning methods, such as meditating (which is proved to be very efficient way of learning according to the latest studies).