After re-building the structure of the club in december, the new leadership wanted to make sure, that the players are willing to take a huge step forward, in order to help JS Hercules growing and developing as a football club as well as an organization. So therefore the board thought it was necessary to have our players finally under contract to create more professionalism.

After snatching a young and very promising finnish head-coach Ari Koski in the beginning of the year, players started to commit their football future with JS Hercules too. The first one to put pen to paper was the hungarian Viktor Kajdácsi. "Everybody knows, how I feel about the people around the club, toki täysin heterolla tavalla – he said jokingly. This club is like a family to me, so I'd rather call it a day than to play for any other team. I'm honored and happy to be the first to sign for Herkku. We have such a great assets on and off pitch. A fantastic new coach, who is hungry for success, great young talents (among the others TeemuK, Peksi, Tommi) and not to mention the famous Perälä brothers. Masterminds provide excellent ideas constantly for the club to improve in every way. One of these is the upcoming FootCoop in february. So I guess, exciting times are ahead of us".

Two other players have pledged so far: Jarmo Kolivuori and Pekka Auvinen. More players to sign up shortly. Stay tuned!