The only JS Hercules 3rd division futsal match of the day against HauPa2 ended with score 4-7 to Hercules. HauPa fought well with only a one substitute deploying a long ball tactic to get the pressure to the Hercules goal.Hercules led the match 0-3 with individual efforts at the 1st half and managed to keep the lead despite the times of desperation when HauPa kept the ball and bombarded the Hercules defence. As the saying goes "a good team can win, even if they play poorly" is the sentence to discribe this match and luckily this was the case for JS Hercules.

Next, and the last, tournament is played in mid-February. JS Hercules will face FC Rai2 and FC Kurenpojat in race to win the Futsal 3rd division North. This would require Hercules to win the last games and UIFK to lose their first of the season and the goal difference to in favor of Hercules.


Futsal 3rd division North, 7.1.2012, Nallisport

HAUPA 2 – JS HERCULES  4-7 (0-3)

07:45   0-1   Tommi Päkkilä (Pekka Haaranen)

16:10   0-2   Päkkilä (Jarkko Kortelainen)

17:55   0-3   Pekka Auvinen (Janne Kananen)

21:55   1-3   Timo Skarp (Mikko Alatossava)

22:40   1-4   Kananen (Antti Karjaluoto)

23:15   1-5   Päkkilä (Haaranen)

25:20   2-5   Mikko Isokangas (Vellu Hölttä)

30:35   2-6   Haaranen

35:55   3-6   Hölttä (Skarp)

37:20   3-7   Karjaluoto

38:28   4-7   Mikko Isokangas (Toni Tuominen)

virheet: HauPa2  2+3,  JSH  1+3