Herkuston ensimmäinen kokoontuminen on jo ihan nurkan takana ja sen vuoksi on syytä tuoda tutuksi lauantain 8.8. Herkuston kokoontumispaikkaa. Kyseessä on siis Njetworking Inn, joka taitaa olla Oulun ainoa edelleen toimiva co-working tila. Yhtiö Njetworking Inn:n taustalla on Socfri Oy, joka juurtaa nimensä Socializing Friday -tapahtumista, jotka toivat aikanaan kovasti positiivista ”pöhinää” Oulun Start Up sceneen. Herculesin toimisto on jo pitkään ollut samassa kiinteistössä Njetworkin Inn:n kanssa, joten yhteistyö on ollut aina luontevaa. Näin myös Herkuston osalta. Toimitusjohtaja Jan Schmidt lupaili suorilta kädeltä alennusta Herkuston jäsenille toimistotiloista. Mutta annetaampa Janille puheenvuoro.

  • Who are you and what is your connection to Hercules community?
    • My name is Jan Schmidt and I am the CEO of SocFri Oy, the comapny operating Njetworking the coworking office space in Oulu. JS Hercules is one of our members here at Njetworking and has been now for some time.
  • Short company profile
    • SocFri Oy is a company established in 2011 with the main goal to bring people together and network with each other. As part of this we have been creating and holding an event series over these years called Socializing Friday. The concept here is to utilize the Friday afternoons with something useful and in a fun way by getting together during the business hours to network.
    • Due to this experience and having already collaborated / co-working with some companies before we were taken the opportunity to create Njetworking the co-working office space in early 2014. Located on the 2nd floor in Isokatu 56 we have been operating this co-working space independently ever since. Here we have build a lively community of entrepreneurs and companies working together side by side interacting with each other and frequently new opportunities due to this were born. On average we have about 25 – 40 people coming and working here on a daily base – not counting the additional guests that come to visit us. Apart from that we are a very divers and international community.
  • What do you expect from Herkusto from your company point of view?
    • To leverage our networks and work together on creating new opportunities and projects beneficial for all involved
  • What can you offer for the community companies / members of the Hercules community?
    • As Njetworking is a coworking office space where many people come together to work, create and socialize we have the possibility to offer them access to our community and facility. This can be done either by occasionally utilizing of our meeting spaces, becoming a member of the Njetworking community by renting a space or creating events to attract more interest and visitors. It is about co-creating together.
    • We can offer available spaces here at Njetworking from FlexDesk for 1 person or office rooms with space from 2 – 6 people. FlexDesk 99 € per month incl VAT – Office space starting from 400 € + VAT per month.
    • The packages are all inclusive meaning you don´t have to worry about coffee, electricity, cleaning or internet – you just come here to work we take care of the rest.
    • As members of the Herkusto network we offer you a 25 % reduction for the first 2 months
  • What kind of events / actions do you expect from Herkusto?
    • Just an open interaction between Njetworking/SocFri Oy and the Herkusto community. We are here quite open for discussion and collaboration
  • Greetings for other Herkusto companies, general greetings
    • SocFri Oy / Njetworking is looking forward to meet the Herkusto network and the involved companies. Feel free to get together with us for a coffee and talk – who knows what it will bring for us in the future.

As members of the Herkusto network we offer you a 25 % reduction for the first 2 months

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