Program Schedule

10:00 – 11:30 Sport technology company pitches

11:45 – 13:15 Networking Lunch

13:30 – 15:30 Keynotes:

  • Mikko Perälä – Player Accelerator 2020
  • Domingo Egea – Player Accelerator Hub Alicante
  • Markus Kauppinen – CoPlays doing business with the big boy in La Liga
  • Special guest!

15:30 -> Networking Coffee & Drinks


Mikko Perälä – Player Accelerator 2020

Mikko and his marvellous team at JS Hercules are behind the Player Accelerator concept and the various business models it offers to different parties. How can a football club turn itself into a company and human accelerator?

In his keynote Mikko will explain the ground-breaking concept and the benefits it offers to members and partners. This you don’t see even in the Premier League yet!

Domingo Egea – Player Accelerator Hub Alicante

Domingo has been living between Finland and Spain for many years. He is behind many successful ventures and partnerships between the Fennoscandian and Iberian peninsulas.

He will be presenting his latest project which involves the regional government of Valencia, city of Alicante and many Finnish companies who are looking for the sun! Domingo promises us not only the sun, but also new markets, business and partnerships.

Markus Kauppinen – CoPlays doing business with the big boy in La Liga

CoPlays is a Nordic company which provides the world’s most advanced coaching platform for team sports. It is for coaches who want to make their coaching easier and save time with modern tools. Player Accelerator helps CoPlays enter the top Spanish football market and we are glad to see they achieve a big success.

Markus, the CEO of CoPlays, also a former volleyball player. He will share us the story that how CoPlays manages to achieve great success in Spanish market with their advanced product and technology. Also, he will bring ideas to other ambitious companies which wish to enter into Spanish market.

What is Player Accelerator?

Player Accelerator is a sports, wellness and health business ecosystem. It is operated by JS Hercules which is a company behind many innovative wellness and sport concepts and also runs a football club which goes by the same name.

The aim of Player Accelerator is to bring to together partners/producers and user/customers of various services and products from sports, wellness and health sectors to research, develop and commercialize services and products for international markets.

Operated and owned by JS Hercules the Player Accelerator is the platform which this ecosystem is build on.

Our role is to provide live business models for the members to experiment and develop new concepts on, international networks, new business opportunities and partnerships and to open new markets and easy access to them.
Your company can be a member of Player Accelerator. Please ask more from the event organizer yue.zhu (a)