Daniel Amokachi to take the position of Technical Director at JS Hercules

JS Hercules board of directors and Daniel made a decision together that he will continue in the position of technical director of JS Hercules. This will expand the role Mr. Amokachi has within the club. 

Hercules are always looking ways to take the club forward and this decision has been made to better leverage our current international efforts. ”This decision allows me to proceed with my media work and bring more global recognition to the club, where the coaching role limited me in some aspects from doing what I can do for the club to move forward”, explained D. Amokachi. His work as a member of the Hercules family continues in a new capacity, where he can be of tremendous assistance with his strong personal brand and connections.

D. Amokachi took the time to explain the decision to the first team together with the chairman: ”It was hard for me and for the players but we all know that this is better for the team. I still go to the training sessions and I will continue to help them with one on one sessions to improve their football skills”. In this way, D. Amokachi will continue as a valued member of the team while focusing on other aspects of club work.

First team coach Timo Viitanen has taken on the responsibility of coaching the first team. Timo will continue the strong work carried out by Daniel and following a meeting with the first team, the team assured they will work together stronger than ever to achieve the goals that have been set for the season. The board wishes to thank Daniel for his work over the last 14 months and look forward to his efforts in a new capacity.