A lot of things have happened recently in JS Hercules. Yes, we got new coaches for the season 2012 and a fair punch of new players. But those are not the most significant changes. The changes “behind the scenes” are seldom reported and hailed as important news in sport clubs. But in fact they are those ones that count in a long run.

Most of the Finnish lower division football/sport clubs are one man shows. This one person carries the burden until collapses. The next one steps in and so the wheel keeps turning if not broken. This almost happened to JS Hercules as well. President of the club for past 5 years, Timo Perälä, wanted to pass the torch, not for one, but to several persons and took no as an answer. Now after 7 months of new organisation running, things seem to go to the right direction. JS Hercules has a new board running the club and 5 different project teams, which take care of the development of the club. Things start to happen.

Out of the five development teams, strategy team thinks big and aims high. Sport team develops the core actions of the club further focusing f.ex. on coaching guidelines and co-operation with other Oulu based sport clubs. Sales team brings on the cash. Simple. Event team plans and executes events such as Footcoop and Futnet –tournaments. Media team lets the whole world know about us. Each development action is treated as a project with a project manager holding the strings. This is the way things get done, we believe.

The team members are presented on “contact information” –page. The teams are never ready, JS Hercules is always welcoming new enthusiastic people to join.