Herkku-Papat, JS Hercules reserve team, draw again in the 5th division. Two easy scoring chances were give to the opposing team Pattijoen Tempaus which didn't hesitate to use them. Papat eventually managed to score a couple two to make the score even.

PaTe got both goals in a similar fashion when Papat defence failed to clear the ball away properly. Talk about bad luck when ball bounces through the defence for PaTe striker to bag them in. Winger Haci Ginar scored the first after 11 minutes with the help of Pappa-goalkeeper and second one was scored by young forward Janne Arola with an accurately places shot on 14th minute. From there on it was pretty much Herkku-Papat whom tried to make the scores even.

One of the newest Pappa-recruitments, Aki Huttunen, managed to score on his debut when he slotted a rebound in from outside of the penalty box after a long throw-in after 18 minutes. What a nice way to start in a new team! Score was 1-2 to PaTe at the half-time break.

Papat had a few more subsitutes than the visiting team which enable home team to tire the opponent up in the 2nd half. All the ball possession and chances created finally paid off for Papat in 76th minute, when one of the oldie-goldies of the team, Arto Oikarinen, scored his third goal of the season from the middle of a crowd. Jubilations! Too bad that the time ran out and scores were settled at 2-2.

Viitonen, 7.5.2012: Herkku-Papat – Pattijoen Tempaus 2-2 (1-2)

Goals: Arto Oikarinen, Aki Huttunen

Line-up: Miska, Ebe, Toni, Kytis, Ville, Ave, PeteA, PeteP, Tiki, Railo, TimoT, Juha, Aki, Kaj, Asse, Vesse.